Crazy Dog, Psycho Cat

Ever wonder exactly who you’re dealing with? Chances are you have a Gemini animal. The twin sign with a ruling element of air shows that this air-headed animal has many personalities. Loves to play tricks on its human familiars, so watch out! This animal is a talker, and will always be looking at you with questioning eyes. A Gemini animal will adore its Libra or Aquarius friend and their life together will be lively.

Gemini pets are restless and often require a lot of attention. Going on the same walk everyday or playing with the same cat toy just isn’t going to cut it. Gemini animals are also very fast, so watch out because they may get away from you before you have time to catch up.

Gemini Characteristics

  • Social: barks, meows, whines and growls for absolutely no reason
  • Is a picky eater, but flavor it with chicken or turkey and it will disappear from the bowl
  • Likes to play
  • Active
  • Curious: likes to investigate new smells
  • Nosy: likes to know what’s going on. Be sure to shut the door if you are getting intimate or you may find a nose in an inappropriate place.
  • Learns new tricks quickly and loves to perform
  • Craves attention one minute and will prove his independence the next

Read your Gemini Dog’s Horoscope

Read your Gemini Cat’s Horoscope